The Julian Home

The Julian Home is a prime example of how Julian works with architects and builders to create custom homes. In this luxury home, we harmonized nature and architecture by bring the inside out, and the outside in. You can't quite put your finger in the influence of the architecture, which was intentional. Beautiful elements from multiple different countries are embedded in the home. 

Grand Entree

The way we run Julian Design is a great example of our mission. We serve corporate clients who do not what to live corporately, and thanks to our niche, we are able to work in a way that is everything but corporate. We rebel against the corporate mentality in every way we operate. 


Our studio takes the lower level of a beautiful estate which was built and designed by the Julian team. Being in the business of homes, it is fitting for us to work out of the Julian home, showing clients Julian design ideas. Being able to envision beautiful design with little to go off is our job - not our clients! 

Mark Twain Writers Room

At the studio you will find our ideologies in the architecture. The home brings the outside in, and the inside out. We have modernized classic design and taken elements of French, Neo-classical Italian and stunning Middle eastern design among others and brought them together harmoniously. 

Master Bed & Bath
IMG_3341 2.PNG

Needless to say, our team doesn’t sit in an office cubical. You can actually find us working under a gazebo or having a meeting over coffee and croissants in our atrium. Blog writing takes place on the steps leading to a beautifully landscaped yard. Our organic way of working is refreshing and our clients love it. 

Lower Level Home Office