A delightful, beautiful lady entered our store with the feeling that her home was missing something. She was in search of accessories, hoping that would add a sense of completion. Our principal Julie had a chance to come to her home with this beautiful exterior. Upon opening the doors, the beautiful exterior was not met by the same aesthetic standard in the interior. Like so many homes we see, one room just bled into the other. This is a dilemma that many of our clients face. As much as she wanted accessories to fix her house, the interior lacked anchoring and flavor. There was no mystery. It wasn’t relaxing. There was a lot of rigidness to it. 

A Moody Entry

The house was so open that it lacked privacy and intimacy, leaving our clients feeling exposed to the world. With a willingness and desire to create a feeling of home, these two doctors with special needs children set out to reinvent their world. A place to create their own feelings and aesthetic. These two peoples world are hectic and stressful - we set out on an adventure to recreate their world into a place to escape. 

Living Room

Our solution was to add walls and create more visual site-lines - more highs and lows and visual interest. With walls we created opportunities for furniture and artwork to provide places for the eye to land. Our sense was that there was an elegant Spanish and European influence on the architecture. That is how we came to find the flavor. The colors were evoked from the rock. We created an anticipation of whats around the corner and excitement of its discovery - through thoughtfulness and dedication. They were looking for simplicity and grandeur - elegance and ease.


Harmony is far more impactful on the senses than being dictated by a style. Our clients are dimensional. Their homes should reflect that. The home should not be dictated by a style but by a feeling. They should be able to continually add to their home and have it all look like it belongs.

Romantic Dining Room

Our modern world is so hectic - full of stress. But these two doctors were able to create and event their own world. A Place where you can control your elements and create your own feeling, aesthetics, and moments.