Our Team

Julie Ann Witt
Lead Designer, Principal

Julie Ann has been in the furniture retail & design industry for over 40 years. She has 

Billie Marie

Billie Marie studied art & design at Blank College and has been in the design industry for 25 years. She became intrigued by design & discovered it as a passion at a very young age, shadowing her mother, Julie Ann. 

Lacy Hughes


Lacy began her design career as a young professional working as a blank rep. She discovered that she enjoyed the design aspect of these 

Winnie Iarussi
Project Manager, Design Assistant

Winnie discovered her passion for art & design at a young age, accompanying her father Jay Iarussi on design projects as a high end decorative artist in Houston, Texas. She began painting and wall finishing in high school and went on to receive a bachelor degree in Marketing and Studio Art. She continues to explore and pursue her passion for art by rendering large scale abstract paintings. After participating in curation for a design company in New York City, she moved to Minneapolis and began working for Julian Interior Design as a marketing & project manager & interior design assistant.