Cottage Lane

A modern cottage for a corporate couple with a young son. They value culture and aesthetic but they need practicality and a safe home for their son to grow up. Having a beautiful home doesn't always mean untouchable. We loved pouring beauty into all the right places in this home.

As we say all the time at Julian, design is a process and not an event. Distinguishing between process-based and event-based design is your first step towards finding your right designer.

Dining & Living

Process based design: Communicating process to peal back layers of what your lifestyle and home CAN be. Life-long relationship with designer, who helps navigate through lifestyle transitions and changes. Understanding how to spend budget on anchors and understanding how to invest wisely knowing lifestyle needs will change over time.

The power and necessity of process-based design as an investment in your day to day lifestyle quality is commonly underestimated. 


At Julian, we tend to have a unique relationship with our clients. We don’t have your typical cookie-cutter design package where you get to choose between two different layouts and you get a certain amount of design time to talk about design goals.


Our team digs deeper than most. Our goal isn’t to simply give you a beautiful home, it is to open your life up to more happiness and authenticity through your home. Once our job is done, everyday life should feel different for the better. You should be living more true to the lifestyle you want because your home serves it. One of the mantras we live by is the idea that design is a process and not an event.

Office for Her

This client has been a great example of an ongoing project that has spanned ten years and still continues. We have used our services to mold to lifestyle changes of this young corporate couple and their adorable young son. As lifestyle changes occur, their home responds to accommodate. They are an active, well-traveled family with an appreciation for refinement and culture. However, they prioritize providing a safe and functional space for their son to grow up. They also enjoy entertaining guests from time to time.

Guest Bed & Bath

Event based design and process based design is the difference between design you’ll you’ll regret in two years and design you’ll love in ten. One is personal. One is exciting and inspiring. And one is stale, unauthentic and full of buying mistakes. Its the difference between what many see as a “frivolous luxury” and the most important lifestyle investment you’ll make. 

Guest Powder Bath
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